The John Tatum Network develops music, books, prayers, blogs, inspirational

 radio shows, movie scores, television and radio theme songs, professional 

voice over and empowering and healing tools to help people find faith, hope 

and victory in their lives.

The John Tatum Band's first CD "Christ Jesus is The King" has won Five Major Music Awards including three Billboard World Wide Music Awards and two Great American Song Contest awards since 2007.

      The John Tatum Band has had 12 Top 10 songs on the Indie music charts. There are 5 songs that hit Number One. 

We are Number One on Reverbnation.

This led to the award "Artist of the Year 2012".

The John Tatum Band was nominated for 

a top spot with the album of best songs called

 "Glory and Grace."

Glory and Grace is the best of the John Tatum Band and led to the award

 "Producer of the Year 2014".

The book "The Victory Prayer" is award winning but the true value is in the prayer. It is changing lives everywhere…Second Edition Version version is on the way 2017.

John Tatum was an original member of the Alice Cooper Band, 

formerly known as

 "The Earwigs" then the infamous "The Spiders".

Recently, that band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with our 

own John Tatum thanked for his efforts in the early years. 

(See link HERE

Check out his interview on (Links HERE ). 

Here is the first recorded song of John with the Spiders called "Don't Blow Your Mind".
The Cortez High School Year of 1966
When they were known as "The Spiders", then "The Earwigs" (Click to enlarge)

 Playing Psychedelic rock as a teen. John quit high school football because he played every Friday & Saturday at the Pitcher House on Mill Ave in Tempe to a crowd of ASU students, bikers, & hippies...

         Here is a never before released song of the early John Tatum Band called "I'd Go Down"...

I'd Go Down-2.mp3

Note from Vince Furnier to John about the future of their band. How true it was...  

 A young John and Valley Teen Agers toured the world in a band called "The Win Jammers" sponsored by the USO and Department of Defense (Click to enlarge)

John played guitar for the Spiders performing in
 many concerts including the first 
"Byrds" tour with "David Crosby" and the "Hollies" with Gram Nash. Also, the "Yardbirds" with Jeff Beck. 
John was the leader of the bands "Grandmax", "Goldmyne", and "Prodigy".

      A young John did some pretty serious rock songs back in the day, which are currently in process of release in an album called "Vintage" coming this 2017. John traveled the world with the USO. He became an ordained minister after receiving three college degrees; including a Bachelor of Arts in Education and A Bachelor of Music. John was a music teacher for years and is still remembered by his students. He has been a choir director, an adult praise band leader and a youth praise band leader. John has an expertise in protools and owns and operates his own recording studio.He obtained his Doctorate of Divinity and wrote with his wife the award winning "The Victory Prayer". Once he lived his life in darkness. Check out who and what he sings about nowJT found it!

Rebecca Lee Tatum, Honorary Doctorate of Ministry, BSN, RN, RNC, CCE, Capt. USAF and USAFR, Flight Nurse, Author, Editor, Singer, Songwriter, CEO, Executive Director,Actress, Inspirational Speaker and Radio Host and Personality, Music Promoter and Website Developer who has had a viable career in the military as an officer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve. Specializing in the medical profession in both clinical and research. After 20 years in science she moved to art. Returning to school for an associates degree in music she became fascinated with theater and acting. Rebecca was featured in the film "Discovering Our Mothers" and was the 'voice' of the film. Rebecca was a special projects manager and executive tour director for LaExpose and lead 38 professionals on a Book and Band Tour the spring of 2015. The tour was seen on stage in Vegas at the Cannery Hotel. Rebecca is the host of a growing radio platform on the Stellar Nominated Internet Radio Station called "Real Women Real Talk Radio" which has stimulating guests and relevant topics with real talk to help people with real life. Rebecca's show airs on the world wide reach of the Stellar nominated New Praise Radio working with the gifted editor and radio veteran Jerry Silvers.