This year 2018 is one that will be known as the year of God's Glory 

manifesting on the earth. The book is now in production for becoming a movie.

 This show is 

 a series of shows with Henry Falany called 

"God, Gold and Glory" and this show demonstrates why many are here in

California as the

 "End Time Harvest" is great and the Glorious outpouring unseen anytime is

 going to fall here, first...the Golden State. Southern Califoria is still in 

droubt and 7 years later there is not an end is sight. It is now over 40% of

 the entire state. Here is where we must

 have no fear and rely on a miracle from God. We believe He will send the 

rain then the glory...pray for the 'miracle'. 

These are our mentors and they have our ear.

Listen, Learn and Thrive.

Part one message plays automatically. To hear part two pause one and play

 two. Part two message is called "The days of Noah, the season of floods,

 breakthrough and revival.  

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