John Tatum Band 60 sec. final revised.mp3

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The "Christ Jesus is the King" CD with the hit song "Holy is the Lord".

The John Tatum Band became "Arist of the Year" with this debut album.

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04 Holy Is The Lord.mp3

01 Christ Jesus Is The King.mp3

02 No Ones Love.mp3

05 Treasures.mp3

06 Intimacy.mp3

07 I Should Have Been Crucified.mp3

09 One Lord.mp3

01 Angel Band.mp3

10 In Christ Alone.mp3

08 Come Just as You Are.mp3

$ 15.99 USD

The CD "Glory and Grace" with the hit song "Jesus Loves Me" and "Give A Dream".

The John Tatum Band won "Producer of the Year" with this best of the band album.

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01 Jesus Loves Me.mp3

01 Blessed Believers 1.mp3

03 Give A Dream.mp3

02 i Need A Friend 1.mp3


04 Call Of God 1.mp3

06 Splendor.mp3

07 Father Are You Listening_ 1.mp3

09 Jessie's Kind 1.mp3

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