Why wonder what to pray when you can say the 'Victory prayer everyday'. As a Christian prayer it covers everybase and keeps darkness in it's place. We all need God's Word to work in our lives. Based soley on His Word this is a prayer to be said out loud regularly over yourself and those you love...

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Award winning book that is changing lives everywhere.

Why wonder what to pray when you can say The Victory Prayer everyday.

Foward by the one and only #1 New York Times best selling author Larry Schweikart.

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It works everyday and teaches you how to pray. It covers everybase and keeps the darkness in it's place. Worry changes nothing but the power of right praying, profession and beilieving can change everything. Prayer works if you work it, say it and beleive it...your faith will get you to it-victory! We as believers are able to pray not just for victory but from a place of victory. Have you ever wanted a Christian prayer that covered all the bases? A prayer that would help one grow closer to God. Are you also interested in achieving all of your rights as His child? Yes? It is time then to use some secrets from the Word of God to bless, protect and strengthen yourself everyday.
     In our current darkening world, why worry and stress over the worlds failing systems when you can have God's well designed victory, speak it and receive it.
 The victory prayer is a cover's all the bases Christian prayer. 
We wrote the Victory Prayer, so people would not live scared.
    Take up His Word and fight...make God your true delight.
    He gave His all for you, now that's what you must do.
    Let God do His best through you because you might enjoy it too.
"Your will, Your way Lord" is what and where this prayer should take you toward.

Winner of the "Lens Awards" for Author in 2014...

Recommended by #1 NYT Best Selling Author 
Larry Schweikart

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