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THE VICTORY PRAYER {reb-spoken}.mp3

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      Dear Heavenly Father God:

I pray this prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit and with authority from

 Jesus and His Blood. I take every thought captive and I seek and receive

 victory in all things in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I seek the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus and Your perfect will.

I seek to always walk in love and to love people the way Jesus does.

I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and I bless Israel and the Jewish people as God will bless all who bless them.

In Jesus’ Name I put on the whole armor of God; the helmet of 

salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God and above all the shield of faith. I gird my loins with truth and the gospel of peace. I believe the Word of God and I will study God’s Word everyday. My steps are ordered by the Lord Jesus.

I seek to deny myself, take up my cross, crucify my flesh and follow

You Jesus. I seek to be quick to listen, quick to hear, slow to speak and

slow to anger and I will control any anger I might experience. I will

control what I speak out of my mouth. I pray that I am always humble for You Lord exalt and give grace to the humble.Thank you Lord for your precious grace and mercy.

I will fast and pray and I will receive ever increasing, limitless

faith and power to move mountains in my life and destroy evil

strongholds, roots of bitterness and curses. I am being refined and I seek

to be stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful and full of virtue, integrity, trust and contentment. I flourish and have long life.

I seek You Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead me

to live and worship in spirit and in truth.

I am thankful and grateful for all blessings I receive.

I receive the fruit of the Spirit; which is love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

I receive perseverance, character, hope, wisdom,

righteousness, sanctification, forgiveness and redemption. I receive

holiness, godliness, godly discernment and obedience in all things.

I seek and receive from Jesus prosperity and healing in my life. 

By His stripes I am healed and whole in every possible way. 

I plead the Blood of Jesus over all people in my life and every area of my life. 

I am made righteous through Jesus. Jesus lives in me and I in Him. 

I have favor with You God and man. 

Thank You Lord for tremendous favor.

I accept and pray for the life and the ministry that You Father

have called me and chosen me to have. My God I am anointed for Your

work and provision. I receive from Jesus power and miracles and

legions of holy angels to surround me with hedges of protection

and to minister strength, wisdom, knowledge and instant discernment to me.

I call forth Holy Spirit intercessors to hold me up in prayer. 

I pray that all who are involved in ministry are perfectly united by the Holy Spirit.

I seek and receive from Jesus for He is my provider; miracle donations, gifts and harvest transfers of wealth into my life to enable and

sustain many works and ministries and to allow me to be completely debt free. I seek to remain debt free as well as follow You Father God when distributing Your money in to good ground.

I seek and receive from Jesus divine appointments with open doors

of opportunity for achieving and accomplishing all godly goals and ambitions. Let everything 

I accomplish be for God’s glory. I seek and receive from Jesus inspiration,

enthusiasm, endurance and ambition to complete the works that

You Lord have started in me. I am the head and not the tail. 

Whatever I set my hands to in Jesus’ Name prospers for You Father God supply all my

needs according to Your riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.

I oppose, rebuke and take authority against satan and all

of his demons. I have authority to overcome all devils, demons and

beasts. Jesus has destroyed the works of the devil and defeated him.

Satan, I command you in Jesus’ Name to stay away from everyone and

everything that concerns me and my life. I command you evil—this day to depart away from me,

my ministries, and my friends and family in my Jesus’ Name.

I overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony. The enemy shall not bring harm upon me, nor the son of wickedness afflict me. 

For I am subject to You God and I resist 

all darkness, which must and will flee.

No weapon or evil formed against me shall ever

prosper or have any harmful effect in my life and every thought or tongue that rises against me in judgment, You Lord shall condemn.

I oppose and remove all curses spoken against me. I bless those

who curse me, and pray for those who spitefully use me. I forgive all

people that have harmed me and I ask forgiveness from all people that I have harmed.

I oppose and rebuke all gossip, slander, evil speaking and

complaining; deceiving and scorning spirits, false teaching, false gifts and manifestations, deceiving signs and wonders, poverty and lack, worry and anxiety and all seducing, antichrist, occult, witchcraft, Apollyon, Jezebel and Delilah spirits. 

I am free from every snare and all evil forces for whom Jesus the Son sets free is free indeed.

May my enemies continue be at peace with me and may they continue to do things for me 

they know not why.

I oppose all prayers and ideas not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I surrender to You Lord.

I repent of all my sins.

Lord Jesus forgive me for…(Speak confession about exact issues).

I pray in Jesus’ Name.


The Victory Prayer a ministry of JM. It is a Scripturally based Christian

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